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Editing 101: The Case of the Traveling Case

Sometimes a misplaced modifier (those words or phrases that are supposed to talk about one thing, but seem to talk about another) are really just too fun to ignore.

I came across this gem a while back, and it stayed with me (so to speak), so I decided that I had to share it:

"Upon entry into the unnaturally silent apartment, the suitcase was exactly where it was supposed to be."

I love the way that sentence progresses - from the creepy factor of the "unnaturally silent" room, to the kind of joyous feeling of knowing that the suitcase has found its place in the world.

Let us hope that we all find ourselves as contented as that suitcase at least once in our lives.

(Yes, I know that the author intended to say "Upon entry... I found the suitcase..." and, thanks to her editor - that'd be me - her future readers will know that, too.)

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