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Reviews of My Work

Don't just take my word for what I can do for youtake theirs!

Thank you for all your help and kindness with the memoir! I will start working on on it tonight and carefully make all the corrections.  

Debra Roinestad

~ Protected By the Light (memoir)

Robert, Just being a sounding board, staying positive and ready to help immediately was very good. Makes the difference in my confidence in the company you work for! Have a great day.

Linda Keene

~ The Dream Keepers (YA fiction)

I just wanted you to know that I have been going through [the] manuscript and making my changes. I really appreciate your input and suggestions!!!  Thank you so much! It really helps to have your insight. 

Sally Dietz

~ When Kids Fly (memoir/self-help)

Hi Robert: This morning I uploaded the final edited manuscript. Another giant step for mankind! I know that, sadly, our relationship is over, but I just wanted to take the time to tell you what a joy it was to work with you.  You are smart, insightful, extremely helpful, and most of all, I felt you got what I was trying to accomplish. I appreciated the good rapport. Your suggestions for changes were on the mark, and while I didn't use all of them, I did use most of them. Thank you for that.

Susan Goldfein

~ How Old Am I in Dog Years? (humorous essays)

I have finished my final round of edits. I really appreciate all your editorial comments. It was the type of feedback I had hoped for in the first round. It really helped me over the finish line.

Lisa Schmid

~ My Partner the Ghost (juvenile fiction)

Thanks, Robert,
For making me think, confusing me, making me laugh, and pissing me off.
I think we could become good friends. 
Tim Swanson

~ In the Hands of the Fisherman (adult fiction)

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