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A Night of Hope, a Lifetime of Change

posted to on September 6, 2017

We spend so much time talking about how much donating to YouthLink will change the lives of the people we serve that we sometimes forget to talk about how much it changes the lives of our donors.

A lot of the people who donate to YouthLink didn’t know much about us before they were introduced by friends or links on social media. And it takes a while to truly understand all that YouthLink does – and can do – for Minneapolis and the surrounding area.

Before we joined up with YouthLink, we didn’t know any homeless youth by name, either. We’d hear the pleas for aid, and we’d think “That’s horrible, but it’s someone else’s issue.” Even so, at the same time, we all wanted to help, so – like you – we got in touch and waited for the right opportunity.

Well, as they say, there’s no time like the present!

Once each year, YouthLink puts it all on the line to raise money to make a difference in the lives of people around us in the Twin Cities. Sure, we do it to support the services that we offer to the homeless youth who come through our doors. But we also do it because we feel that you, our amazing supporters, want to learn more – about what we do, about the young people we work with, and about how they can help.

On the night of September 24th, we’ll be hosting our annual Night of Hope: Sleep Out. We’ll be spending the evening going on tours, engaging in conversation, and getting to know each other – and some of YouthLink’s clients – in ways that a gala fundraiser could never do. Plus, we’ll get to sleep out under the stars after the city has gone to sleep, which (we have to admit) is pretty cool.

Yes, the 24th is coming up pretty quickly, but there’s still time to participate – either as a “sleeper” or as a donor to someone else’s campaign. After all, you don’t have to do any shopping or prep work. We’ll provide the sleeping bags, along with almost everything else for the event, so all you have to do is raise a little money.

Speaking of fundraising: We’d be happy to help you get set up with a fundraising page, and can even help you figure out how to ask your company about matching funds. (If your company is interested in sponsorship opportunities, there’s still time for that, too!) We’ve been at this for a while – so let us know what you need, and we can help you make it happen. Find out more at

Not able to join us on the 24th? We can connect you with others who might need a little support to reach their goals. And you’ll be able to follow us on social media during the event on our Facebook page, as well as Twitter and Instagram – look for us with the hashtag #NOHSleep

Whether you’re with us physically or only in spirit, we can guarantee that this will be a life-changing night!

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