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When words matter

(or you just need a cookie).

What I Do


I'm a Copyeditor and Proofreader who can make sure what's on the page is supposed to be there.

I'm a Writing Coach for those times when you need someone to guide and goad you.

I'm a Developmental Editor (and a Line Editor) when you need a "frenemy" to tell you what works—and what doesn't.


I'm a Baker—because everyone needs a cookie from time to time.

I'm a word guy.


I've been working with words for as long as I can remember. Enjoying their sounds, their looks, and their amazing power. 


Yes, I've got two English degrees, but long before those I was reading and writing and admiring words. I'm even a member of ACES (the American Copy Editors Society). 


And, really, don't you want to work with someone who likes words?

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